Anyone Remember Those Old Picket Fences?

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Ah! Those old picket fences! Anyone of you out there remember such days? And if not, perhaps you have never had the privileged experience of those halcyon days, you will have, surely by now, seen them in the pictures, the movies, your favorite TV shows, one way or another, and even in your glossies, these days, both in the fine print and online. Many of you have dreamed of those old picket fences. They conjure up so many imaginary flashes of what it may be like to live in a quiet and pleasant country town.

Peace reigns and all the neighbors get along just fine. In fact, better than fine because this is one of those neighborhoods where folks sometimes leave their front doors unlocked or even open. No, this is not pure fancy. Because, yes, this does really happen in some parts of the continent, although it must be said, perhaps with just a touch of sadness, such real places are very few and far in-between. Would there be such a town somewhere deep in the heart of Texas? Maybe, maybe not. Take a ride with the Texas ranger and maybe you’ll find such a place.

But if not, dial up the lone rangers who are doing the white privacy fence texas installations. Okay, so that’s it then. That’s the reality then. Not everyone out there wants an environment where everyone knows each other’s business. That’s the way things are then. Everyone wants their privacy. Maybe it’s just as well but the feeling might still be there. Just what would it be like to live that old country life with a white picket fence out in front? Leastways, the installation of a fiber-bodied fence can help you live up to that illusion.